Research staff

A list of AIAI research staff

Member Interests
  Xiao Chen  
Aurora Constantin Human-computer interaction, Digital learning, Multimodal interatcion, Assistive technologies, Educational technology, Technology for autism, Reference models, Participatory design.
  Benedicte Legastelois  
Amelie Levray
Amelie Levray

Knowledge representation and reasoning with uncertainty: Probabilistic/Possibilistic/Credal framework. Graphical models: Sum-product networks.

  Cat Magill Participatory design, IoT, Digital technology and distributed energy systems, Human-data interaction.
Kobby Nuamah Knowledge representation, question answering using inferences from web knowledge graphs, distributed reasoning systems, uncertainty.
Lena Podoletz
Lena Podoletz Algorithmic transparency; algorithmic bias and discrimination; fairness; accountability; explainability; regulation of algorithmic decision systems; algorithms in the criminal justice system.
James Vaughan
James Vaughan Applications of ML and Network Theory in Automated Theorem Proving; Buisness Process Modelling and IoT.
Bruno Yun
Bruno Yun Knowledge representation and reasoning in presence of conflicts: Argumentation/Existential rules/Graphs/Mediation.