ANC Seminar - 17/02/2020


Arno Onken


Dr Cian O'Donnell


Neural circuit parameter redundancy and variability in brain disorders


Despite the consistency of symptoms at the cognitive level, we now know that brain disorders like Autism and Schizophrenia can each arise from mutations in >100 different genes. Presumably there is a convergence of “symptoms” at the level of neural circuits in diagnosed individuals. In this talk I will argue that redundancy in neural circuit parameters implies that we should take a circuit-function rather that circuit-component approach to understanding these disorders. Then I will present our recent empirical work testing a circuit-function theory for autism: the idea that neural circuits show excess variability in response to sensory stimuli. This work is based on in vivo neural population activity data recorded from somatosensory cortex of mouse models of Fragile-X syndrome, a disorder related to autism.


Feb 17 2020 -

ANC Seminar - 17/02/2020

Dr Cian O'Donnell, University of Bristol

G.03, IF