ANC Workshop - 14/01/2020


Matthias Hennig


William Berg


Illuminating sleep regulatory circuitry in the mouse brainstem through data analysis and model inference


Sleep is ubiquitous and seemingly crucial to mental functioning. Why we sleep, and not least how we sleep, remains to be understood. Addressing the latter, we are looking at sleep regulation, and in particular an area of the brainstem whose role is much debated in the field, namely the PPT/LDT. Having been granted access to spike data from this area by a collaborative at the University of Strathclyde, headed by Dr Shuzo Sakata, our aim is to be able to explain observed behaviour through bridging the data with computational models. 

I will present our preliminary results and planned future work towards this aim.

Jan 14 2020 -

ANC Workshop - 14/01/2020

William Berg

G.03, IF