ANC Workshop - 19/11/2019

Chair: Chris Williams


Speaker: Yizhou Fan

Title: Understanding and shaping learning strategies of learners

Abstract: In the ear of the knowledge explosion, “learning how to learn”  has been prominent in the discourses of educational policy and practice. Learning tactics and strategies as behaviour patterns and the external manifestations of the “How to”, have been identified by much research as key factors of learning success. In this talk, I will introduce the methods to detect and understand the learning strategies of learners (online or offline), and findings in our lab and the literature to initiate a discussion about learning strategies. A project called FLoRA (Facilitating Self-Regulated Learning with Personalized Scaffolds on Student’s own Regulation Activities) will also be introduced, especially the analytic approach, hopefully from another point of view to start brainstorming about "human learning".


Speaker: Arno Onken

Title: How to separate out temporal components of a neural code

Abstract: In this talk, I will present an approach to decompose the information encoded in the temporal structure of a spike train into the unique, complementary information contained in its different temporal scale components. The proposed method uses a jitter procedure to manipulate the precision of neural activity and allows to precisely identify relevant timescales in the encoding of stimulus information. I will talk about the technical details of the method and also present a validation on simulated data and on real recorded spike train data.

Nov 19 2019 -

ANC Workshop - 19/11/2019

Yizhou Fan, Arno Onken

G.03, IF