ANC Workshop - 26/05/2020



Oisin Mac Aodha


Chris Williams


Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics


The practical work of deploying a machine learning system is dominated by issues outside of training a model: data preparation, data cleaning, understanding the data set, debugging models, and so on. The goal of the Artificial Intelligence for Data Analytics project at the Alan Turing Institute is to help to automate the whole data analytics process by drawing on advances in AI and machine learning. We will describe tools to address such tasks, including identifying syntactic and semantic data types, data integration, and identifying and repairing missing and anomalous data. We will also describe a new notebook system for pulling these tools together: if we augment Jupyter-style notebooks with data-flow and provenance information, this enables a new class of data-aware notebooks which are much more natural for data manipulation.

Joint work with the AIDA team: Taha Ceritli, James Geddes, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Ian Horrocks, Alfredo Nazabal, Tomas Petricek, Charles Sutton, Gerrit Van Den Burg.

May 26 2020 -

ANC Workshop - 26/05/2020

Chris Williams