A list of frequently asked questions regarding the application process and formalities.

I have not had any formal training in biomedicine, can I apply?

Yes. We expect our applicants to have strong quantitative skills and an interest in biomedical applications, but previous training in biomedicine is not required (however, it is a good idea to expand a bit about your biomedical interests in an interview).

I have an analytical background but no previous exposure to AI, can I apply?

Yes. AI training will be covered during the first MSc year; we expect graduates from a range of disciplines (e.g. maths, physics, engineering, ...) to form the intake of our CDT.

I am a biologist/ medic by training but have a keen interest in computer science, can I apply?

Yes. Please make sure that you highlight any previous relevant experience in your cover letter, and be prepared to be asked about it in an interview.

Which documents do I need to apply?

These are listed in the online application form; make sure to include a CV!

What information should go in the cover letter?

The cover letter is your chance to argue why you think you are suitable for the programme. Make sure you highlight any unique aspects or experiences that are not directly obvious from your CV (e.g., work experience involving the use of AI/ analysis of biomedical data sets). Keep it short and to the point (max 1 page A4), pointing to other documents for references.

What is the research proposal? Do I need to know already what I will do in my PhD?

Nobody is expected to know in advance the details of their PhD; in our experience, it is very rare that students end up doing precisely what they said in their initial proposal! The purpose of the proposal is to show us that you have already been thinking about this area of research, and are able to argue that a topic is interesting with reference to current literature. Keep it to max 2 pages including references.

Should I contact a potential supervisor in advance?

You don't have to, but it is always a good idea to get in touch with one. A list of our potential supervisors is available in the main CDT people pages. Supervisors are usually very happy to discuss with potential students, but they are also busy people; if they haven't replied to an email within a few days, resend.