Previous Seminars

List of previous seminars

18 February 2019 - Joe Corneli

Design Requirements for a Formal Abstracts Service

3 December 2018: Chris Reed (University of Dundee)

Managing The Worst Sort of Conversation

26 November 2018: Alex Milowski (Orange Silicon Valley)

The Data Fabric: Evolving "Big" Data for AI Applications

19 November 2018: Petros Papapanagiotou

Digiflow: Digitizing Industrial Workflow, Monitoring and Optimization

12 November 2018: Carl Hewitt

Scalable Intelligent Systems by 2025

5 November 2018: Alan Bundy

Automated Reasoning in the Age of the Internet

29 October 2018: Francisco J. Quesada

Domain-aware Matching (Medical Domain)

9 October 2018: Till Hofmann

Constraint-Based Online Transformation of Abstract Plans into Executable Robot Actions

1 October 2018: Kobi Gal

Advances in Human-Informed Decision-Making: Representations, Inference, and experiments

17 September 2018: Brendan Juba (Washington University in St. Louis)

Polynomial-time probabilistic reasoning with partial observations via implicit learning in probability logics

13 August 2018: Juan Casanova

Using abstract knowledge to automatically detect faults in ontologies.

6 August 2018: Jake Palmer (cancelled)

Title and abstract to follow

30 July 2018: Alan Davoust

Fair game: how to design social contracts for non-cooperative games ?

9 July 2018: Chris Lin (cancelled)

Title and abstract to follow