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List of previous seminars

18 June 2018: Mateja Jamnik

Capturing Intuition - the Case of Diagrammatic Representations and Reasoning

4 June 2018: Vaishak Belle

Solving Probability Problems in Natural Language

28 May 2018: Sonja Smets

The Creation and Change of Social Networks

21 May 2018: Stefan Daume

Social computation, citizen science and environmental monitoring - Mining social media to address socio-ecological challenges

14 May 2018: Maria Polukarov

Strategic Voting and Candidacy

30 April 2018: Florian Kammueller

Attack Trees in Isabelle

23 April 2018: Jasmin Blanchette

Formal Proof for the Working Automated Reasoning Researcher

16 April 2018: Beth Massey (IERC)

Is there enough data to address the energy trilemma, and if so what are we doing with it?

9 April 2018: Alistair Hahn

Are we building the right thing?

30th March 2018: Kobi Gal

Supporting teachers’ understanding of student collaborative learning

19 March 2018: Imogen Morris

A Mechanization in Isabelle of Birkhoff's Ruler and Protractor Geometry, following Brossard

5 March 2018: Juliana Bowles

Combining Formal Methods in Healthcare

19 February 2018: Danai Korre

Embodied conversational agents and serious games: A review

5 February 2018: Stefano Albrecht

Multiagent Learning: Foundations and Recent Trends (IJCAI'17 Tutorial)