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List of previous seminars

12 December 2017: Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro and Rafael Garrido Haba

SKA-Link project: reproducible science and new metrics in the era of mega-science infrastructures

11 December 2017: Caroline Jay

Investigating interaction with information

29 November 2017: Frank van Harmelen

The Empirical turn in Knowledge Representation

27 November 2017: Petros Papapanagiotou

Artificial Intelligence to support Human-Machine Collaboration: Ideas and Directions

13 November 2017: Joe Corneli

The Hall-Presenti report and current AI policy

30 October 2017: Areti Manataki

Studying Electronic Health Record Workflows with the Use of Process Mining and Observational Techniques

16 October 2017: Subhashis Das

Safe Haven in a Box
- Knowledge Integration Demo

9 October 2017: Yaqing Jiang

Machine learning for inductive theorem proving.

18 September 2017: Felipe Rech Meneguzzi

Plan Recognition in the Real World

16 August 2017: Kobby Nuamah, 3rd Year Review

In this talk, I'll discuss our approach to query answering that goes beyond the traditional information retrieval techniques, to one where we make functional inferences using data retrieved at run-time from knowledge bases (both local and remote).

7 August 2017: Francisco Quesada

2nd year review: Domain-aware Matching in Emergency Response Scenarios

17 July 2017: Jiawei Han (Joint LFCS/CISA Seminar)

Mining Structures from Massive Text Data: A Data-Driven Approach

5 June 2017: Michael Winikoff

Towards Trusting Autonomous Systems

22 May 2017: Xue Li

Evolving Logical Theories by Combining Reformation and Belief Revision

28th April 2017: Ian Horrocks, joint seminar with LFCS

“Scalable Reasoning for Semantic Technologies”.