Previous Seminars

List of previous seminars

17 September 2018: Brendan Juba (Washington University in St. Louis)

Polynomial-time probabilistic reasoning with partial observations via implicit learning in probability logics

13 August 2018: Juan Casanova

Using abstract knowledge to automatically detect faults in ontologies.

6 August 2018: Jake Palmer (cancelled)

Title and abstract to follow

30 July 2018: Alan Davoust

Fair game: how to design social contracts for non-cooperative games ?

9 July 2018: Chris Lin (cancelled)

Title and abstract to follow

2 July 2018: Vaishak Belle

Foundations for program-like plans in stochastic environments

25 June 2018: Aurora Constantin

Toward a Technology-based Tool to Support Creativity and Collaboration during Participatory Design with Children with Autism

18 June 2018: Mateja Jamnik

Capturing Intuition - the Case of Diagrammatic Representations and Reasoning

4 June 2018: Vaishak Belle

Solving Probability Problems in Natural Language

28 May 2018: Sonja Smets

The Creation and Change of Social Networks

21 May 2018: Stefan Daume

Social computation, citizen science and environmental monitoring - Mining social media to address socio-ecological challenges

14 May 2018: Maria Polukarov

Strategic Voting and Candidacy

30 April 2018: Florian Kammueller

Attack Trees in Isabelle