Previous events

A listing of past CISA events.

12 June 2017: Alan Smaill (cancelled)

Concept blending and computational creativity.

5 June 2017: Michael Winikoff

Towards Trusting Autonomous Systems

22 May 2017: Xue Li

Evolving Logical Theories by Combining Reformation and Belief Revision

17 May 2017: Austin Tate

Patagonia: the land and its wildlife

8 May 2017: Francisco Jose Quesada Real

Title and abstract to follow

3 May 2017: Can Cui

A racing game developed in North Korea.

28th April 2017: Ian Horrocks, joint seminar with LFCS

“Scalable Reasoning for Semantic Technologies”.

24 April 2017: Dave Robertson

"Precision Medicine, Stratified Medicine and Population Healthcare"

19 April 2017: Xue Li

I am going to talk about a theme park of my hometown, named Harbin Ice and Snow World

5 April 2017: Alan Bundy

Practical Action: Technology Challenging Poverty

22 March 2017: Petros Papapanagiotou

Situation puzzle: "A man is found dead in the middle of a desert, naked, holding a match in his hand. What happened?"

27 March 2017: Ewan Klein

An Overview of the University’s IoT Initiative

13 March 2017: Cancelled

Title and abstract to follow

8 March 2017: Michael Rovatsos

Carnival - debauchery, rebellion, business?

CISA Meeting - March 2017

All staff welcome

27 February 2017: Paul Anderson

Usability and Confusion in Configuration Languages

22 February 2017: Tania Marques

The Portuguese influence on the British cuisine

17 February: Luca Trani

Building holistic views for solid-Earth science

13 February 2017: Can Cui

Behavior analysis system based on multi agent model

8 February 2017: Alan Davoust

Bread, theory and practice

Evgenia Ternovska, Simon Fraswer University, Vancouver

An Algebra of Modular Systems and a Connection between Classical and Modal Logics

30 January 2017: Petros Papapanagiotou

Creating Impact in Healthcare: Practical Challenges

16 January 2017: Tania Marques

Tile and abstract to follow

21 November 2016: Cezary Kaliszyk

Cooperative Proof Advice Across Logical Foundations

14 November 2016: James Cheney

Mechanized metatheory model-checking using alphaCheck

9 November 2016: Sofia Ceppi

Let's have some fun with Autostereograms

8 November 2016: Vaishak Belle

Foundations for Generalized Planning in Unbounded Stochastic Domains

31 October 2016: Michal Pěchouček, Czech Technical University

Understanding future technologies through agent-based simulation

26 October 2016: Paul Anderson

Walking in the Scottish Highlands in winter

17 October 2016: Yaqing Jiang

Machine learning for interactive theorem proving

12 October 2016: Pavlos Andreadis

The Bards' sandwich roundtable

28 September 2016: Rosa Filgueira

Women and computers in documentaries, TV and film

14 September 2016: Adria Gascon

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

CISA Meeting: 23 August 2016

Open for all staff and students

1 August 2016: Francisco José Quesada Real

Domain-Aware Data Matching in Emergency Response Scenarios (First year review)

CISA Summer Social!

CISA Summer Social

11 July 2016 - Andriana Gkaniatsou: Seminar

Low-level analysis of cryptographic protocols: Third Year review.

06/07/2016 CISA Lunch: Gabriela Rino Nesin

The Mathematics Village in Turkey

21 June 2016 - Prof John Fox: Seminar

CISA Seminar: Unusual date - 21st June at 2pm. Coffee /pastries will be provided afterwards in MF1 (unusual room).

CISA Seminar: Paolo Pareti - 23 May

Paulo Pareti is hosting a CISA seminar

CISA Lunch - Roller Coasters - 18 May

An introduction to roller coaster types and elements with Austin Tate.

CISA Seminar: Vania Dimitrova

Turning Social Spaces into Functional Places: A Knowledge-driven Approach for Augmenting Collective Intelligence

CISA Seminar: Kobby Nuamah

The Rich Inference Framework: Inferring Novel Answers in Query Answering.

CISA Seminar: Phil Scott

Bootstrapping LCF Declarative Proofs

CISA Seminar: Malcolm Atkinson

Flexible and sustainable architectures for data-intensive federations

CISA Seminar: Paul Anderson

Describing System Configurations (well, Lego Minifigures really) with L3

CISA Seminar: Michael Anslow

Finding high-utility alignments in a task context