Previous events

A listing of past CISA events.

16 October 2017: Subhashis Das

Safe Haven in a Box
- Knowledge Integration Demo

11 October: Kobby Nuamah

Folktales and Folksongs in Ghana

CISA Meeting - October 2017

All members of CISA welcome to attend

9 October 2017: Yaqing Jiang

Machine learning for inductive theorem proving.

Kobby Nuamah: 3rd Year Review

In this talk, I'll discuss our approach to query answering that goes beyond the traditional information retrieval techniques, to one where we make functional inferences using data retrieved at run-time from knowledge bases (both local and remote).

CISA Meeting - September 2017

All members of CISA welcome to attend

7 August 2017: Francisco Quesada

2nd year review: Domain-aware Matching in Emergency Response Scenarios

The 10th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM 2017)

CISA-sponsored conference takes place in the School of Informatics, July 2017

17 July 2017: Jiawei Han (Joint LFCS/CISA Seminar)

Mining Structures from Massive Text Data: A Data-Driven Approach

12 June 2017: Alan Smaill (cancelled)

Concept blending and computational creativity.

5 June 2017: Michael Winikoff

Towards Trusting Autonomous Systems

31 May 2017: Alan Bundy

Group session: Everyone should think up the name of a new emotion

22 May 2017: Xue Li

Evolving Logical Theories by Combining Reformation and Belief Revision

17 May 2017: Austin Tate

Patagonia: the land and its wildlife

CISA Meeting - May 2017

All staff welcome

8 May 2017: Francisco Jose Quesada Real

Title and abstract to follow

3 May 2017: Can Cui

A racing game developed in North Korea.

28th April 2017: Ian Horrocks, joint seminar with LFCS

“Scalable Reasoning for Semantic Technologies”.

24 April 2017: Dave Robertson

"Precision Medicine, Stratified Medicine and Population Healthcare"

19 April 2017: Xue Li

I am going to talk about a theme park of my hometown, named Harbin Ice and Snow World

5 April 2017: Alan Bundy

Practical Action: Technology Challenging Poverty

22 March 2017: Petros Papapanagiotou

Situation puzzle: "A man is found dead in the middle of a desert, naked, holding a match in his hand. What happened?"

27 March 2017: Ewan Klein

An Overview of the University’s IoT Initiative

13 March 2017: Cancelled

Title and abstract to follow

8 March 2017: Michael Rovatsos

Carnival - debauchery, rebellion, business?

CISA Meeting - March 2017

All staff welcome

27 February 2017: Paul Anderson

Usability and Confusion in Configuration Languages

22 February 2017: Tania Marques

The Portuguese influence on the British cuisine

17 February: Luca Trani

Building holistic views for solid-Earth science

13 February 2017: Can Cui

Behavior analysis system based on multi agent model

8 February 2017: Alan Davoust

Bread, theory and practice

Evgenia Ternovska, Simon Fraswer University, Vancouver

An Algebra of Modular Systems and a Connection between Classical and Modal Logics

30 January 2017: Petros Papapanagiotou

Creating Impact in Healthcare: Practical Challenges

16 January 2017: Tania Marques

Tile and abstract to follow

21 November 2016: Cezary Kaliszyk

Cooperative Proof Advice Across Logical Foundations

14 November 2016: James Cheney

Mechanized metatheory model-checking using alphaCheck

9 November 2016: Sofia Ceppi

Let's have some fun with Autostereograms

8 November 2016: Vaishak Belle

Foundations for Generalized Planning in Unbounded Stochastic Domains

31 October 2016: Michal Pěchouček, Czech Technical University

Understanding future technologies through agent-based simulation

26 October 2016: Paul Anderson

Walking in the Scottish Highlands in winter

17 October 2016: Yaqing Jiang

Machine learning for interactive theorem proving

12 October 2016: Pavlos Andreadis

The Bards' sandwich roundtable

28 September 2016: Rosa Filgueira

Women and computers in documentaries, TV and film

14 September 2016: Adria Gascon

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

CISA Meeting: 23 August 2016

Open for all staff and students

1 August 2016: Francisco José Quesada Real

Domain-Aware Data Matching in Emergency Response Scenarios (First year review)

CISA Summer Social!

CISA Summer Social

11 July 2016 - Andriana Gkaniatsou: Seminar

Low-level analysis of cryptographic protocols: Third Year review.

06/07/2016 CISA Lunch: Gabriela Rino Nesin

The Mathematics Village in Turkey

21 June 2016 - Prof John Fox: Seminar

CISA Seminar: Unusual date - 21st June at 2pm. Coffee /pastries will be provided afterwards in MF1 (unusual room).

CISA Seminar: Paolo Pareti - 23 May

Paulo Pareti is hosting a CISA seminar

CISA Lunch - Roller Coasters - 18 May

An introduction to roller coaster types and elements with Austin Tate.

CISA Seminar: Vania Dimitrova

Turning Social Spaces into Functional Places: A Knowledge-driven Approach for Augmenting Collective Intelligence

CISA Seminar: Kobby Nuamah

The Rich Inference Framework: Inferring Novel Answers in Query Answering.

CISA Seminar: Phil Scott

Bootstrapping LCF Declarative Proofs

CISA Seminar: Malcolm Atkinson

Flexible and sustainable architectures for data-intensive federations

CISA Seminar: Paul Anderson

Describing System Configurations (well, Lego Minifigures really) with L3

CISA Seminar: Michael Anslow

Finding high-utility alignments in a task context