Associate members

Associate members of CISA

Name Research interests
David Aspinall Computer security (particularly proof-carrying code), type systems for specification and programming languages, and proof development environments
Julian Bradfield Modal and temporal logics, model-checking, concurrency, independence logics, descriptive complexity and set theory, UML and modelling languages
Michael Fourman Formal models of digital systems, system-design tools, proof assistants, categorical semantics, propositional planning
Nigel Goddard Application of machine-learning methods in energy-related areas, Developing new approaches to macroeconomics based on accounting of real flows in the economy
Chris Lucas Inductive learning and generalization, cognitive development, Bayesian models of causal inference
Paul Jackson Mechanical theorem proving, reactive systems, linear temporal logic.
Henry Thompson Markup languages (XML, SGML) and architectures (Standoff markup, Schema languages, pipelines); Web Architecture; Philosophy of the Web
Bonnie Webber Question answering, bioinformatics, discourse, Natural Language semantics, knowledge representation and inference