Research staff

A list of CISA research staff

Member Interests
  Xiao Chen  
Aurora Constantin Human-computer interaction, Digital learning, Multimodal interatcion, Assistive technologies, Educational technology, Technology for autism, Reference models, Participatory design.
Joe Corneli Representation and reasoning, mathematical collaboration, computational creativity, peeragogy.
  Benedicte Legastelois  
Amelie Levray
Amelie Levray

Knowledge representation and reasoning with uncertainty: Probabilistic/Possibilistic/Credal framework. Graphical models: Sum-product networks.

  Cat Magill Participatory design, IoT, Digital technology and distributed energy systems, Human-data interaction.
Kobby Nuamah Knowledge representation, question answering using inferences from web knowledge graphs, distributed reasoning systems, uncertainty.
Lena Podoletz
Lena Podoletz Algorithmic transparency
James Vaughan
James Vaughan Applications of ML and Network Theory in Automated Theorem Proving; Buisness Process Modelling and IoT.
Bruno Yun
Bruno Yun Knowledge representation and reasoning in presence of conflicts: Argumentation/Existential rules/Graphs/Mediation.