Research staff

A list of CISA research staff



Research Interests


Sofia Ceppi


Computational microeconomics, mechanism design, game theory, human-like computing


Aurora Constantin


Human-Computer Interaction, Digital Learning, Multimodal Interaction, Assistive Technologies, Educational Technology, Technology for Autism, Reference Models, Participatory Design


Joe Corneli


Representation and reasoning, mathematical collaboration, computational creativity, peeragogy


Alan Davoust


Social Machines, decentralized and multi-agent systems, game theory, modelling and simulation


Cat Magill


Participatory design, IoT, Digital technology and distributed energy systems, Human-data interaction


Steven Obua


Combining the reach of Mathematics with the full power of Computer Science and Information Technology


Petros Papapanagiotou     


My interests lie within the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning aspect of Artificial Intelligence


Daniel Raggi




Phil Scott




Zhenyu Wen