Research students

A list of CISA research students

PhD Student Research title

Punyanuch Borwarnginn

Agent-Based Archtecture for Intelligence and Collaboration in Virtual Learning Environments

  Andreas Bueff  
  Juan Casanova  
  Can Cui Multiagent Interaction Behaviour Analysis
Andriana Gkaniatsou Reverse-Engineering of Smart-card Cryptographic Protocols
Amy Guy Context-dependent Social Interactions on the Web
Yaqing Jiang Machine learning for interactive theorem proving, particularly proof by induction
Danai Korre

Usability Engineering on Serious Games with Embodied Conversational Revision

  Imogen Morris  
  Xue Li Evolving Logical Theories by Combining Conceptual Change and Belief Revision
Kobby Nuamah Query Answering Using Rich Forms of Inference over Semantic Web Data
  Jake Palmer  
Francisco Jose Quesada Real Dynamic, Focussed Data Matching
  Alessandro Spinuso  
  Luca Trani  
  Ole Weidner  
  Cheng-Lin Yang