ILCC Travel Support Policy

The procedure that ILCC staff and students should follow when seeking support from ILCC for conference attendance.

The guiding principles are: (a) that ILCC funds are a limited resource, which needs to be conserved and distributed fairly; and (b) that it is in the end the responsibility of the author of a paper to ensure that they will be able to fulfill their obligation to present it.

The procedure for ensuring this is as follows:

If the expenditure can be covered by a grant, then it should be. ILCC funding is a hardship fund for those times when there is no applicable grant.

For students, there are usually conference Fellowships. These should always be applied for in parallel with any application to Informatics and/or the Institute.

The Informatics Graduate School (IGS) will generally pay half the costs for students attending a conference to deliver a paper (this resource is also bounded), and such an application should be made in parallel with any request to ILCC.

Any request to ILCC for support to attend a conference must be made as soon as the paper is accepted, so that in the event of ILCC being unable or unwilling to support, and there being no alternative source, the paper can be withdrawn in a timely fashion.

The latter rule is particularly important to follow in the case of conferences that are unusually expensive, say by reason of being in a very distant and/or exotic locale.