Research staff & postdocs

Most of these staff members are employed on projects headed by an academic or senior research staff member; some work on their own independent projects and in a few cases may supervise PhD students.


Member Interests Personal page
Beatrice Alex Information extraction, English inclusion detection, mixed-lingual and multi-lingual text analysis, text mining. Personal page
Peter Bell Automatic speech recognition, machine learning. Personal page
Alexandra Birch Mayne Semi-supervised models, parsing, machine translation. Personal page
Matthew Crosby   Personal page
Anna Dickinson Usability, accessibility, interface design, evaluation and evaluation methodologies.   
Elaine Farrow Intelligent tutoring systems, multi-modal interaction, dialogue systems, health informatics, digital personhood, and feedback generation.  
Lea Frermann Incremental and dynamic Bayesian methods for cognitive modeling (category and feature acquisition) and diachronic meaning change. Personal page
Ulrich Germann    
Markus Guhe Cognitive models of language; dialogue; conceptualisation; language production/generation; mathematical creativity; computational cognitive modelling Personal page
Mark Hartswood Computer supported cooperative work, workplace studies, participatory design and professional vision.  
Gustav Eje Henter Speech synthesis (acoustic models, parameter generation techniques), naturalness of synthetic speech, speech synthesis for perception research, machine learning. Personal page 
Vasilis Karaiskos Annotation, speech synthesis evaluations.  
Jonathan Kilgour    
Catherine Lai Speech prosody, discourse structure, affective computing, information extraction.  Personal page
Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone Machine Translation and Neural Networks. Personal page
Shashi Narayan   Personal page
Korin Richmond Speech synthesis and the relationship between the articulatory and acoustic domains. Personal page
Katya Saint-Amand information structure, co-speech gesture, multimodal communication. Personal page
Rico Sennrich statistical machine translation, dependency parsing, syntactic and semantic models of language. Personal page
Richard Tobin XML, including XML Schemas, data binding and the use of XML for marking up linguistic corpora. Personal page
Aris Valtazanos   Personal page
Cassia Valentini-Botinhao Listener/Environment-adaptive HMM Speech Synthesis. Personal page
Christophe Veaux    
Oliver Watts Speech synthesis; unsupervised learning and language-independent techniques for text-to-speech conversion. Personal page
Philip Williams Statistical machine translation. Personal page