Natural language processing and computational linguistics

Including topics such as biomedical NLP, markup technology, semantics, discourse, machine learning for NLP, natural language generation, parsing and machine translation.

Annotation and markup technology

Jean CarlettaHenry Thompson

Biomedical NLP

Claire Grover, Bonnie Webber

Computational semantics

Ewan Klein, Mirella Lapata, Alex Lascarides, Colin Matheson, Bonnie Webber


Jean Carletta, Alex Lascarides, Colin Matheson, Johanna Moore, Bonnie WebberShay Cohen

Machine learning for NLP

Sharon Goldwater, Mirella Lapata, Charles Sutton, Shay Cohen, Adam Lopez

Natural language generation

Mirella Lapata, Johanna Moore, Jon Oberlander

Natural language parsing

Frank Keller, Mark Steedman, Shay Cohen, Adam Lopez

Statistical machine translation

Philipp Koehn, Adam Lopez, Kenneth Heafield

Unsupervised and minimally supervised NLP

Sharon GoldwaterAdam Lopez

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