Board of Studies

Responsible for curriculum approval, including all individual taught courses, MOOCs, non-credit bearing CPD courses and the undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research postgraduate degree programmes.

This provides assurance of open discussion within the School, appropriate consultation with other Schools, and approval of submissions to the relevant College committees. The Board may be asked through College committees to consider and respond to academic policy matters.

The full remit is available (pdf).


Board of Studies Dates for 2018/19*

Meetings of the Board are held at 2.00pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Please make sure you check you are attending the correct room as the venue changes from meeting to meeting do to resource constraints. Most meetings will take place in the Informatics Forum, however are subject to change.

Meeting Date


3rd October 2018 14.00hrs - 16.00hrs Informatics Forum, Room 2.33 (moved from Room 1.15 due to renovation works)
7th November 2018 14.00hrs - 16.00hrs Informatics Forum, Room 2.33 (moved from Room 1.15 due to renovation works)
5th December 2018 14.00hrs - 16.00hrs Informatics Forum, Rooms - 4.31 & 4.33
16th January 2019 14.00hrs - 16.00hrs Informatics Forum, Room - 5.42 (via School Office)
20th February 2019 14.00hrs - 16.00hrs Informatics Forum, Room 2.33

Extraordinary Board of Studies

13th March 2019


* Returning Items from 20/02/2019 only

as well as MINOR course changes.

* We cannot accommodate new course proposals.


***Time has changed***

13.00hrs - 14.00hrs

***Venue has changed***

Appleton Tower, Room 7.14

Extraordinary Board of Studies 2

1st May 2019

***PLEASE NOTE: The next College Curriculum Approval Board will be held on Tuesday 21 May 2019. The deadline for submission of items to the CCAB agenda, for inclusion in the meeting on 21st May, will be Tuesday 7th May. ***

15:00hrs-17:00hrs Informatics Forum, Room 2.33


* Please note that the dates and times stated above are subject to change due to the Curriculum Approval changes.



All Informatics academic teaching staff, supplemented by at least two members external to the School and at least two student representatives.

Board of Studies Convenor - School of Informatics Stuart Anderson
Academic Secretary - School of Informatics Alan Smaill
Administrative Secretary - School of Informatics Alexandra Welsh
School Curriculum Approval Officer - School of Informatics Stephen Gilmore
UG Admissions Officer - School of Informatics Shay Cohen
Curriculum Review - School of Informatics Sharon Goldwater
Quality Assurance  - School of Informatics Vicky Mactaggart
Learning Technologist  - School of Informatics Alex Burford

Academic Support Librarian for School of Informatics

Angela Nicholson

Student Representative members - School of Informatics


External members for 2018/19

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences Representative James Kirby
School of Engineering Representative

David Laurenson

School of Mathematics Representative George Kinnear
School of Biological Sciences Representative Simon Tomlinson

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