Administrative Guide to Course Proposals

The stages involved in getting course approval.

Course Approval

Stage 1 [after BoS approval]

  • enter course details on EUCLID using documentation approved by BoS
  • attach the BoS descriptor and case for support as supporting documentation [College need this in order to approve the course]
  • submit the course for level 1 approval

Stage 2 [after initial entry on EUCLID]

  • check that the course proposal is complete, and suitably formatted
  • double check that the correct supporting documents have been linked to the course description
  • submit the course for level 2 [College] approval
  • mail Lynda Henderson at College [] to notify her that we've submitted a course proposal for CLTC approval

Stage 3 [after approval from College]

  • complete the latter stages of the data entry, checking on timetable slots, instances etc
  • is the new course intended as a replacement of an existing course?  If 'no'; no further action required, if 'yes'; see below:
    • close the existing course
    • remove the old course from DPTs and course collections
    • inform external Schools where we don't own the DPT
  • check on whether the new course needs to be included in any DPT

Programme Approval

  •  contact College to request that the new DPT be created, using this form:
  • once created, update the DPT template to include the information approved at the BoS
  • check with Ian Stark that he is happy with the format and structure of the DPT
  • confirm whether it should be listed as 'active' or remain 'inactive'
  • check whether the new DPT is a replacement for an existing programme, if so please check on when the old DPT should be changed to 'inactive'

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