Building Committee

The Building Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Head of School.

Next meeting: 7 November 2016 at 2pm, Turing Room


The remit of the Building Committee is to engage with Estates & Buildings staff on all matters of repair, maintenance and fault management within the Informatics Forum and Appleton Tower; also to review internal building management decisions within the School.


Building Committee reports to the School Strategy Committee.


Johanna Moore Head of School (Chair)
Björn Franke Director of Teaching
Dave Hamilton Health and Safety Manager
Mike Riley Premises Manager (Estates & Buildings)
George Ross Head of Computing Infrastructure Unit
Alastair Scobie Head of Computing
David Sterratt Energy Co-ordinator
Martin Wright Director of Professional Services
Anda Nicolson Secretary to the Committee

Meetings/Minutes 2016

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below:

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
6th December 2016
Agenda (349.75 KB)
7th November 2016
Agenda 07.11.2016 (340.93 KB)
Minutes 07.11.2016 (663.75 KB)
7th June 2016
Agenda 07.06.2016 (336.5 KB)
Minutes 07.06.2016 (641.2 KB)
13th April 2016
Events policy DRAFT (328.55 KB)
2nd February 2016  

Minutes from previous years.