Computing Strategy Group

Computing Strategy Group meets twice each year and is chaired, alternately, by the Director of Teaching and the Director of Research.


To advise the School on all matters relating to the provision and use of computing facilities (hardware and software) provided by the School and the use of facilities provided by other parties, including interfaces between systems.


Director of Teaching (co-Chair)                      

Ex officio                                                           

Björn Franke                          

Director of Research (co-Chair) Ex officio Chris Williams

Deputy Director of Research (co-Chair) 

Ex officio

Ajitha Rajan

Head of School Ex officio Jane Hillston
Head of Computing (Officer to the Committee) Ex officio Alastair Scobie
Head of Computing Research and Teaching Unit Ex officio Tim Colles
Director of Professional Services Ex officio Joy Candlish
Representative on College Library and Information Strategy Committee Ex officio Boris Grot

Office to the Committee: Head of Computing

Clerck to the Committee:  School Office Secretary


Others may be in attendance at meetings of the Committee, either on a regular basis or as the business of the committee may determine.


At the discretion of the Chair, members who are unable to attend may nominate a substitute, who will act with the member’s authority.


The committee reports to the School’s Strategy Committee, via the Director of Teaching and/or the Director of Research.

Frequency of meetings

At least twice, annually.



Date Agenda


4 November 2019


02 May 2019


13 December 2018




17 May 2018  
24 May 2017    

23 February 2017