Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee is a sub-committee of the Informatics Teaching Committee and exists to recommend and implement policy on UG and PG admissions and other recruitment activity.


  • Helen Pain (Comittee Convenor, Student Recruitment Coordinator) 
  • Stuart Anderson (Director of Teaching)
  • Nigel Topham (Head of Graduate School)
  • Amanda MacKenzie (Graduate School Manager)
  • Kasia Kokowska (Communications and Outreach Manager)
  • Ajitha Rajan (Postgraduate Admissions Officer)
  • Shay Cohen (Undergraduate Admissions Officer)
  • Gillian Bell (Teaching Organisation Manager)
  • Sarah Taylor (Communications and Recruitment Officer)
  • Neil Heatley (Committee Officer, Head of Student Services)
  • April Cunliffe (Comittee Secretary, Graduate School Recruitment Administrator)

Forthcoming meetings

Meeting 1: Late May/Early June

Meeting 2: Late October/Early November

Meeting 3: Late January/Early February

(Finalised Agenda and items will be sent to members a week before the next meeting).

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