Research Committee

The Research Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Director of Research to oversee School research.

Next meeting: 2 November 2016, 12:00-13:00, Turing Room




Research Committee reports to the College Research Committee and to the School Strategy Committee.


Jane Hillston Director of Research (Chair)
Johanna Moore Head of School
Nigel Goddard ANC Director
Murray Cole ICSA Director
Michael Rovatsos CISA Director
Jon Oberlander ILCC Director
Barbara Webb IPAB Director
Don Sannella LFCS Director
Chris Banks RA Representative
Martin Wright Director of Professional Services
Julie Young Head of Finance and Research Services
TBC Research Data Manager
Michael Fourman Impact Coordinator
Steve Renals REF Coordinator
Anda Nicolson Secretary to the Committee

Meetings/Minutes 2016

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below:

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
2 November 2016
Agenda (393.69 KB)


7 September 2016
Paper F. ACE CSR (53.06 KB)


30 May 2016
6 April 2016


9 March 2016  
3 February 2016  

Minutes from previous years.