Research Committee

The Research Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Director of Research to oversee School research.

Next meeting: 12pm-1pm 1st May 2019, Turing Room


To act as forum for deliberations on all matters relating to research and knowledge exchange. 

To make recommendations to Director of Research and Head of School in relation to policies and processes.


Member Category How Appointed Incumbent 
Director of Research (Chair) Ex officio                                                                       Chris Williams                                     
Deputy Director of Research Ex officio Ian Simpson
Head of School Ex officio Jane Hillston

Director of Commercialisation and Industry Engagement

Ex officio Jim Ashe

Director of ANC

Ex officio Nigel Goddard
Director of CISA Ex officio Jacques Fleuriot
Director of ICSA Ex officio Mahesh Marina
Director of ILCC Ex officio  Frank Keller
Director of IPAB Ex officio Barbara Webb
Director of LFCS  Ex officio Kousha Etessami
Head of Research Services Ex officio Janet Ball
Director of Professional Services  Ex officio Martin Wright
Research staff representative Appointed  Lynda Webb
Research student representative  Appointed  Cian Eastwood

In attendance as required

REF Coordinator Ex officio Steve Renals
Impact Coordinator Ex officio Bjoern Franke

Officer to the Committee: Head of Research Services

Clerk to the Committee: School Office Secretary

Appointment of members and term of office

Appointed members shall be appointed from the respective constituency with the support of the membership of that constituency.

Appointed members shall serve for a term of two consecutive years with the option of an extension for a further year.


Others may be in attendance at the meetings of the Committee, at the discretion of the Chair, as the business of the Committee may determine.


At the discretion of the Chair, members who are unable to attend may nominate a substitute, who will act with the member's authority.


To Strategy Committee via Director of Research.

Frequency of meetings

The first Wednesday of every month (except August).  Additional meetings may be arranged as required.

Meeting/Minutes 2019

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below:

 Committee paper template (11.66 KB Word)

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
05 June 2019      
01 May 2019



03 April 2019


06 March 2019 - Cancelled      
06 February 2019


09 January 2019


Minutes from previous years