Web cookies introduction

This class explains web cookie basics. You will learn what web cookies are, what information they contain, and why they exist. You will use Firefox to delete cookies and understand how they relate to private browsing.

Before you start

Tools and previous knowledge required to complete this class.

Step 1: History & purpose

You cannot browse today's web without being asked about cookies. In fact, you probably saw a cookie dialogue when you first visited this website. But how did cookies come to exist and why?

Step 2: Setting, editing & deleting cookies

Learn how websites can set cookies, investigate what kind of information they store, and what happens when you edit or delete cookies.

Step 3: Private Browsing

Find out which effects private browsing does or does not have on cookies, and how this might be useful.

Step 4: Third-party cookies

Learn how websites can embed resources from other websites, and the implications for cookies and privacy.