Informatics finance staff and procedures.

Each of the School's admin support teams has access to expert finance advice, helping to ensure a consistent accounting approach.  These pages provides information on front-line finance contacts, and access to policy and forms used to maintain processes and ensure swift and accurate payment. 

Staff member Role/Area of responsibility Email Phone Location
Vicky Kennedy Centres for Doctoral Training 50 3131 IF 4.34
Magdalena Mazurczak Informatics Ventures 50 3154 WB G.09
Julie Laidlaw IANC & CISA 50 3099 IF 2.34
Donna Bolland Informatics Student Services 50 1234 FH 1.B16
Dyane Harvey School Finance & School Finance Liaison Officer 50 5116 IF 4.34
Nicola Drago-Ferrante ILCC 51 3435 IF 3.37 & 4.37
Heather Low IPAB & ICSA 50 8741 IF 1.37
Khush Joshi LFCS 50 4405 IF 4.37
Evgenia Teplechuk Head of Finance and Administration 50 4502 IF 5.39

*Institute research grants are handled by Portfolio Managers.