Financial approval for purchases, bookings and transfers is undertaken by the following staff members:

Cost Centre Cost Centre Authoriser (High-Value Authoriser/Back up)
747DIV, 747000 Dyane Harvey (Evgenia Teplechuk)
747CSA, 747PAB, 747SPE Ruta Bader (Janet Ball)
747CIS Fiona Williams (Janet Ball)
747ANC Barry Turner (Janet Ball)
747FCS Laura Rich, Carrie McNamee (Janet Ball)
265000 Caroline Hastings, Barry Turner (Janet Ball)
747COM Joanne Pennie (Jim Ashe)
747ISS, 747IGS, 747ITO, 747CDT Neil Heatley (Evgenia Teplechuk)
747DIV (Equipment only) Alastair Scobie (Martin Wright)
747DIV (Workshops and maintenance only) Dave Hamilton (Evgenia Teplechuk)
747DIV (Facilities only) Carol Marini (Dave Hamilton)

Approval of high-value purchases is delegated by the Head of School to the Director of Professional Services.

If any of the Portfolio Management staff are absent then Janet Ball, Head of Research Services, can authorise on their behalf.