Who needs to provide authorisation of finances.

Bookings/orders have to be approved and signed by the appropriate authorised signatory responsible for cost centres that are being charged to. In most cases it will be the Institute Portfolio Manager:

Cost Centre Cost Centre Authoriser
747CSA, 747PAB, 747SPE, Joanne Pennie
747CIS, 747ANC, 747LSI, 504004 Fiona Williams
747FCS Laura Rich, Carrie McNamee
747DIV, 747000 Julie Young
265000 Caroline Hastings, Helen New and Carrie McNamee
747CDS, 747CPP, 747CRO Neil Heatley

For School Budgets (747DIV, 747000) where possible the Head of Finance and Research Services, Julie Young, should authorise.  In her absence or for high value purchases the Director of Professional Services, Martin Wright, should authorise.

If any of the Portfolio Management staff are absent then Julie Young can authorise on their behalf.