Booking travel

What you should do when booking travel.

Travel is booked in the admin offices.

  1. Obtain codes from your Finance Administrator specifying destination, estimated total and source of funds. Your Finance Administrator will be able to check budget allocation.
  2. Raise a travel requisition (TR) form.
  3. Get the travel requisition form approved and signed by the appropriate authorised signatory responsible for the cost centre you are charging to.
  4. Email TR to travel agent.
  5. Send a signed copy of the TR to the Finance Administrator as soon as possible for them to commit the costs.
  6. Travel invoices, if received in Admin Office, should be forwarded to the Finance Administrator too.

Business travel

Requests for business travel bookings will have a special consideration, as funding bodies (i.e. research grants) or Institutes will only fund the most economical form of travel.

Before booking, seek approval from your Portfolio Manager, who will liaise with the funding body and traveller over justifying such form of travel.