Electronic internal transfers

Dealing with electronic internal transfers (eITs).

EITs should be raised in the Admin Offices Roles:

  • Admin Staff - Originator
  • Finance Administrator – Receiver
  • Portfolio Managers/Head of Finance and Research Services/Director of Professional Services – Authoriser

Originators enter financial codes on the eIT, which should be obtained from Financial Administrator responsible for the budget used. In order to determine the codes Financial Administrator needs:

  • Purpose of the eIT
  • Source of Funds
  • Estimated Total

Originators should send a hard copy of the EIT to the Finance Administrator for their records. It is particularly important when raising Bills, as Receivers are not included in the workflow.

Workflow for Bills

Workflow for Orders

Please note, the separation of duties rule applies here - the Purchaser Originator and Supplier Originator should not also be the Purchaser Receiver and Supplier Receiver respectively.