Foreign currency payments

How foreign currency payments are dealt with.

Foreign currency payments (FCP) are processed by Finance Administrators

Types of FCP

  • Expense Claim (see below)
  • Invoice in foreign currency

Expense claims

  • Any expense claim forms submitted to Admin Offices with expenditure in foreign currency and reimbursement to a non-UK bank should be checked and forwarded to the Finance Administrator in the usual way (see “Expenses”), where claims would be turned into a foreign currency payment.
  • Admin staff should complete a Foreign currency payment voucher and submit to Finance Administrator.
  • Sometimes claimant convert their expense figures into Pounds Sterling themselves. In this case, the date of conversion and the exchange rate should be noted clearly on the expense claim form. Otherwise Finance Administrators will handle the appropriate conversion rate.
  • Other requests for foreign currency payments can be forwarded directly to the Finance Administrator