Annual leave & public holidays

Information on annual leave and public holidays for staff.

Annual Leave

Staff members are entitled to an annual leave allowance which is dependent on grade, length of service and hours worked per week.  The following link features the conditions of service section of the University HR website which outlines annual leave.

Conditions of Service and other Policies

How to Request Holidays

Within the school the procedure is that annual leave is requested via the staff member’s supervisor or line manager, whichever is appropriate.  All staff and managers should follow the University guidance on annual leave. For more details, follow the link below.

Annual leave policy

Research staff should request annual leave via their line manager (normally their PI).

Academic staff may ‘self-approve’ absences on annual leave of up to two consecutive weeks in duration. Longer absences require the approval of the Head of School.

Academic and research staff should record absences on leave in their Office 365 calendar and share their calendar with InfHR and others as appropriate.

Recording staff locations

Support staff should request annual leave via their line manager. Line managers will record approved leave on the University’s HR system (Oracle).

University Public Holidays 

This is in addition to the annual leave entitlement and is four days per year, pro rata for part time staff. These are as determined annually by the University.