Maternity & paternity leave

Information for staff on maternity and paternity leave.

Maternity leave

Staff should inform their direct Line Manager or Portfolio Manager of their pregnancy as soon as possible. 

Managers should then inform Informatics HR and they will arrange for a risk assessment to be carried out for “New and Expectant Mothers”. 

Contact Informatics HR

Around the 20 week point of the pregnancy the member of staff will be issued with a MatB1 form by their GP or Midwife.  This form must be passed to the Line Manager or Portfolio Manager who will in turn pass it on to College HR.  The member of staff will then be contacted by College HR with details of the many maternity leave options available to staff members.

Full details of the University Maternity Policy below:

Maternity Policy

Paternity leave

Statutory Paternity Leave (SPL) is leave to support the mother (in relation to maternity) or primary carer (in relation to adoption or surrogacy) at or after the birth or adoption of a child. 

Employees wishing to take Paternity Leave should, wherever reasonably practicable, notify their manager and local HR Team either:

• By the 15th week before the baby is expected (Maternity or Surrogacy) 


• Within seven days of the Adopter being notified by the Adoption Agency that they have been matched with a child (Adoption) 

Full details of the University Paternity Leave Policy below:

Paternity Leave Policy

Shared parental leave

 Information on the University's Shared Parental Leave policy is available here:

Shared Parental Leave Policy