Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management (KM) team are responsible for a wide variety of tasks, primarily focusing on the management of data and information.

The KM Team is based in Room 2.48 of the Informatics Forum. 

The team can be contacted on and includes:

Staff member Role Email Phone Location
David Beamish Information Officer 50 2702 IF 2.48
Urara Hiroeh Research Data Administrator 50 9918 IF 2.48
Alistair Hill Research Data Manager 50 3091 IF 2.48

Main responsibilies

  • admin support for REF2014 and advance planning for REF2020.
  • ongoing management of staff research profiles and publications.
  • compliance with ever growing reporting requirements from external groups.
  • open access of research publications.
  • PGR desk management.

The KM team are also available to assist colleagues in the preparation and delivery of time dependent projects.