Student desk allocation policy

Informatics policy on student desk allocation.

Allocation guidelines

Postgraduate Research students are entitled to their own desk during the prescribed period of study, plus a maximum of 12 months to write up or until the point of submission, whichever comes first. The standard prescribed period is 36 months for a full-time PhD student. Any College authorised periods of interruption should be added, although periods of extension cannot always be taken into account.

Students who have submitted, or are beyond the 12 month write-up period, will be asked to make use of hot-desking space elsewhere in the Informatics Forum. For the purposes of desk allocation, students paid as staff will be allocated to a student desk (not a research staff desk).  Their line manager can make a request for research staff workspace in the Forum, although there is no guarantee that the Head of School will agree to a desk relocation.

Students whose principal supervisor is not based in Informatics will not be allocated to a Forum desk, although may make use of the hot-desking areas. Head of School will consider requests in support of a workspace in the Forum and this will be reviewed on an annual basis depending on availability of desk space.

Subject to desk availability, students who have a planned absence from the Forum (e.g. an industrial placement) may be encouraged to surrender their desk, and be allocated to a new desk on their return.

PGR student desk allocations will be reviewed on an annual basis. Students and their principal supervisor will be notified shortly before entitlement to a personal desk space ends. The notification will state the date from which entitlement to a desk will end and provide instructions for vacating the desk.

Where there are academic reasons for a student to have a personal desk space beyond the normal entitlement period the principal supervisor should contact the Graduate School to discuss this further.

The School will try to accommodate requests to extend entitlement, although this may not always be possible.

New students

Students will be allocated to a specified desk space on their arrival, and are asked to remain in this desk. All relocation requests will be considered, although for many reasons we cannot commit to resolving every suggested change.

Note that new students are not expected to arrive prior to the start date shown in their formal offer of admission. Students who do arrive early may use the hot-desking space.

Enquiries and problems

Students with any desk enquiries, or who wish to request a room or desk move, must contact the Graduate School to discuss this further.

Issues relating to the furniture or the room should be reported to the Graduate School Office in the first instance. Any computing related problems should be reported directly to the Computing Support team.

Hot-desking areas

Students who are no longer entitled to a personal desk space may use one of the hot-desking areas. Please contact your Research Support office for up to date information on current hot-desking spaces.


Policy Approved by: Strategy Committee 25/06/2014

Last Reviewed: 25/06/2014