Tier 4 policy for Informatics Postgraduate Research students

Tier 4 Student Attendance and Engagement Monitoring Policy for Informatics Postgraduate Research students

As a 'sponsor' of international students within the UK immigration system, the University is required to evidence Tier 4 student attendance and engagement. International students (non-UK; non-EU) often require a Tier 4 General Student visa to study in the UK. Though other types of Visas are possible (for example if the student is permitted to study while holding a spouse visa), Tier 4 General Student visas are the most common. See UK Visa Requirements for additional information.

Further School guidance can be found on the Student Services pages.

Supervisor guidance

Engagement points should be entered by supervisors via the EUCLID engagement tab. A quick step-by-step guide is shown below:

  • Login to MyEd via EASE: https://www.myed.ed.ac.uk/
  • Pull down Teaching tab and select EUCLID
  • Click blue Launch EUCLID button
  • Click top-bar Students tab
  • Click: Search for student(s) | Student Hub
  • Enter UUN in top box
  • Click blue Search button
  • Click left edge Engagement button
  • Click "+ Add event" at right of "Engagement events"
  • Fill in details*
  • Click Save

*In the notes box, please ensure that you enter at least 2 sentences:

  • Some comment on the substance of the meeting;
  • A statement about which mechanism was used for the meeting (eg. in person, by phone, by skype, by email).

Full instructions on this process can be found in the Instructions for recording Tier 4 student engagement points in EUCLID document below.


Policy approved by: Strategy Committee

Last reviewed: 28/10/2016