UG Visiting student policy

Informatics policy on visiting undergraduate students.

Visitor definitions

All visiting students (UG and PG) who are in attendance at the University for more than two weeks must be registered on EUCLID. This means that it is now no longer possible to host a visiting student from another institution, for more than 14 days, without matriculating them with the University of Edinburgh. The School administers incoming visiting students in accordance with College Office advice:

College Academic Affairs Policy on Visiting Students

Reciprocal agreements

Visiting students who are on reciprocal exchange programmes are governed by the relevant University-approved Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). These students may not be liable for fees, dependent on the terms and conditions of the relevant MoU/MoA. Further information on these fee status agreements is available from Edinburgh Global.

Edinburgh Global

UG Tuition fees

Study abroad in Edinburgh tuition fees

Application & admission procedures

Potential UG supervisors are expected to have already discussed the visiting arrangements with the applicant before proceeding with the EUCLID registration. Staff involved in the recruitment of UG visiting students need to contact the College Recruitment & Admissions team (via the form linked below) with the following information:

Undergraduate enquiries form

  • Student name, gender and email address.
  • Student date of birth, nationality and ethnic origin.
  • Supervisor name and research local institute.
  • Name and address of home institution.
  • Estimated period of study in Edinburgh.
  • Funding information (who will cover the admission or tuition fee).
  • A letter confirming registration in home institution.
  • A reference from their principal supervisor in home institution.
  • A statement of support confirming Edinburgh  supervision arrangements.
  • Proof of English language proficiency to the University-specified standard.

College Office will assign the student to the appropriate programme and start date, and contact the student via EUCLID to request that they complete the application form.  Students will be required to upload any supporting documentation as part of their EUCLID application, and demonstrate that they meet the minimum entry criteria for the programme of study.

Further Student Systems advice on the visiting student record creation process is available at:

Please consult the School Room Allocation Policy for further information on the allocation of Visiting Students to desks.

Additional administrative information

Informatics Student Services staff do not administer the recruitment of visiting research staff or interns. These visitors can be recruited via the University's Visiting Academic or Sponsored Researcher schemes, without the need to matriculate or admit the individual via EUCLID.  Please contact the appropriate Research Support Office for further information.

Policy Approved by: Strategy Committee 25/06/2014

Last Reviewed: 25/06/2014