Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers are the first point of contact for staff seeking or receiving external funding in the School of Informatics.

Staff member Area of Responsibility Email Phone Location
Caroline Hastings ILCC and CSTR chasting@inf.ed.ac.uk 51 3176 IF 3.35
Joanne Pennie Commercialisation, ICSA joanne.pennie@ed.ac.uk 50 2733 IF 2.36
Laura Rich LFCS laura.rich@ed.ac.uk 50 2725 IF 3.35
Carrie McNamee LFCS cmcnamee@ed.ac.uk 50 4442 IF 3.35
Barry Turner ANC and ILCC barry.turner@ed.ac.uk 50 8289 IF 3.35
Ruta Bader IPAB, SPECKLED, CityDeal ruta.bader@ed.ac.uk 50 2724 IF 3.35
Fiona Williams CISA fiona.williams@ed.ac.uk 50 9330 IF 2.36
Janet Ball Head of Research Services janet.ball@ed.ac.uk 50 9970 IF 5.33

Portfolio Managers are responsible for the management of all institute grants and awards.

Main responsibilities

  • Grant proposal preparation and costing
  • funding opportunities and funder queries
  • financial management of grant portfolios and institute budgets
  • research staff contract extensions and end of employment process
  • advertisement of research grant funded positions
  • appointment of research staff, in collaboration with Human Resources
  • commitment of studentship funds and offers, in collaboration with the Informatics Graduate School