Room booking instructions

Instructions for admin staff with booking access on the process of booking rooms.

Forum opening hours

The Informatics Forum operates by standard opening hours, Monday to Friday from 9.00 am until 17.00 pm.

Any events or meetings organised outwith these hours will require mandatory servitorial cover.

Servitorial support

  • For out of office hours servitorial cover (before 9am or after 5 pm) email Steve Downes ( with CC to to arrange this cover.
  • There will be a cost for additional servitorial cover which will usually be paid via an EIT.
  • The servitors will do the room set-up requirements for the ground floor only, upper level room set-ups have to be arranged by the relevant level office.
  • Poster boards are self assembly and the servitors are not responsible for doing this.

Using the Room Booking System

Please input the following information into the corresponding fields when creating a booking in the Room Booking System.

Brief Description

  • Title of meeting/event

Full description

  • number of people attending
  • seating arrangements/room layout
  • name of responsible person
  • contact details for responsible person
  • catering information (company and schedule of timings)
  • details of servitorial staff cover
  • details of extra cleaning provision
  • information on use of poster boards

Contact details

  • Organisers contact details (name, telephone and email)

Cancelling a booking

When an event is cancelled, please remove the booking from the Room Booking System and contact all relevant parties to inform them.

The Turing Room

The Turing Room (5.42) can only be booked via the School Office.


It is important for the reception to know what catering company is expected for what meeting, as we regularly have more than one company in for different events and the receptionists need to know where to direct them to so make sure this information is entered into the RBS.

Any caterer using the professional Kitchen must have a risk assessment/compliance in place with Dave Hamilton.


Additional cleaning services can be arranged through the cleaning services supervisor Fay Dowdeswell ( with CC to to arrange for this.

Please note that additional cleaning services may incur a charge which must be borne by the event organiser.

Bookable resources

The following resources can be booked:

  • Posterboards - Stored in G.19 and the key can be obtained from Reception for self assembly.
  • Seating and tables

AV information

  • Please note that there is no¬†AV support provided for external bookings.
  • Please do not move the AV cabinets, this should only be done by support.
  • G.07/07A Lapel mics, Table mics and Handheld mics are held at reception.
  • External AV support can be brought in as long as it does not interface with our systems - only Communications and Marketing can do that.
  • Outside agencies must liaise with Dave Hamilton as he needs to know of any set-up requirements in the Forum.
  • The School of Informatics are not responsible for any damage to external equipment that may have been used.

For a list of all standard available AV per meeting room:

Health & Safety

When an event takes place out of office hours (i.e. outwith 9am to 5pm), please contact Dave Hamilton regarding risk assessments, responsible person and other H&S issues.

Any caterer using the professional Kitchen must have a risk assessment/compliance in place with Dave Hamilton.

Emergency evacuation information