Fire Stewards

A list of current Fire Stewards across the School.

Instructions for Fire Stewards, Fire Controllers and Fire Co-ordinators can be found in the School Health and Safety Policy.

Appleton Tower

Area Fire Stewards
Basement Douglas Howie
Concourse/Cafeteria Lecturers, Edinburgh First staff
Level 1/Mezzanine

Lecturers, Edinburgh First staff

Level 2 Lecturers
Level 3 Lecturers

Assembly Coordinators:  Douglas Howie or Tom Whigham

Refuge panel: David Hamilton


The Forum

Floor Area Fire Stewards
Basement N/A 2 vacancies
Ground Floor Area 1 Heather Low, 1 vacancy
Area 2 1 Vacancy
First Floor Area 1 2 vacancies
Area 2 Bob Fisher, Magda Nowak
Area 3 Heather Low, Andreadis Pavlos
Second Floor Area 1 Jacques Fleuriot, Alison Edie
Area 2 Suzanne Perry, George Ross
Area 3 Mark Van Rossum, Roger Burroughes
Third Floor Area 1 Simon King, 1 vacancy
Area 2  Frank Keller
Area 3 Mark Hartswood, Jane Hillston
Fourth Floor Area 1 Magdalena Mazurczak, Carrie McNamee
Area 2 John Lee, Dyane Harvey
Fifth Floor Area 1 Alastair Scobie, 1 vacancy
Area 2 1 vacancy

Assembly Controllers: Martin Wright, Neil Brown

Fire Coordinator: Neil Brown

Forum Fire Safety Plans (Pdfs):

Ground Floor (570.32 KB PDF)
First Floor (454.12 KB PDF)
Second Floor (490.26 KB PDF)
Third Floor (462.76 KB PDF)
Fourth Floor (425.99 KB PDF)
Fifth Floor (385.15 KB PDF)


Forrest Hill

Area Fire Stewards
Ground Kate Hardman
Level 1 Donna Bolland, Kate Hardman
Level 3 Garry Ellard

Assembly Coordinator: Russell Bartlett


Wilkie Building  

Area Fire Stewards
Ground Alison Downie, Craig Strachan, Tim Colles, Keith Edwards
Level 1 Commercial tenant reps
Level 2 Commercial tenant reps

Assembly Coordinators: Craig Strachan or Alison Downie