First Aiders

Informatics first aider locations and telephone numbers.

In accordance with the Health and Safety (first aid) regulation the School has appointed a number of qualified first aiders. In the event of injury one of the below first aiders should always be contacted. If the injury is serious ensure that an ambulance is called.

Informatics first aid policy

Forrest Hill

Name Location Telephone
Amanda MacKenzie 1.B05 513211
Stacey Johnstone 1.B15 50 3091
Donna Bolland 1.B16 50 2735



The Forum

Name Location Telephone
Roger Burroughes 2.43 50 4447
Alison Edie 2.44 50 6528
Frank Keller 3.27a 50 4407
Seona Wharrie 3.37 50 4627
Chris Heunan 5.25 50 2865



Appleton Tower

Name Location Telephone
Dave Hamilton B.126c 50 4499
Peter McDonald Room 2, Old Security offices 50 8300



Wilkie Building 

Name Location Telephone
Craig Strachan G.03 50 2689
Danny Helson G.09 50 4427