Your Frequently Asked Questions about the Appleton Tower status.

When will we be moving back to Appleton Tower? Schedule of moving dates for each level can be found on the handover and facilities details page.
What facilities will be available on each floor? Please check the handover and facilities details page for more information.
Where will students be based?
Where will computing support be based? Level 7

Where will ITO/IGS be based?

Level 6
Where will School Commercialisation Team and Informatics Ventures be based? The Commercialisation Team and Informatics Ventures will move from the Wilkie Building to the Bayes Centre in the summer 2018.
Will there be any bookable meeting rooms? Level 7, Level 8, Level 9
Where will the kitchen facilities be? There will be kitchen facilities on level 3 and level 4 (in the central circulation/break-out area), on level 6 (in the break-out area at the south-west corner) and on level 9.
Will the computer lab on level 6 be similar to the drill hall? The new level 6 computer lab (85 stations) will be similar to the drill hall (100 stations).
Will the self learning space on level 9 have any DICE machines? There are 16 DICE machines planned for level 9. Other stations will be BYOD with power and data connections on the desk top. We may add more DICE machines, if there is demand. Access to level 9 will be for UG4 students during Semesters 1 & 2.
When will level 9 be available to use? Late September 2017.
When will access to Forrest Hill cease for students? 24th August.
When will business tenants move to Appleton Tower? Business tenants currently located in the Wilkie Building will be relocated to level 8 of Appleton Tower in September 2017.
Will there be new lifts installed in Appleton Tower? Yes, the work is on-going.
Will there be tours of Appleton Tower for the teaching staff?

Yes, in early September, you can book your place now.

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Is there any other refurbishment scheduled? We are expecting the toilets off the East stairwell to be refurbished over the next few months.

Any other queries?

Email: infcomms@ed.ac.uk