Towards Service Assurance in a Multi-Tenant 5G Mobile Network Architecture

Enabling diverse services with quality assurance is key to the success of 5G.

Research and standardisation for 5G mobile networks is currently underway. A unique aspect of 5G compared to various generations of mobile networks till date is the underlying vision to be the basis for a wide array of services beyond just mobile broadband to include critical and massive machine-to-machine communications, among others. In order to serve such diverse use cases in a flexible and cost-effective manner, 5G network architecture embraces the concept of network slicing that essentially refers to sharing the same physical infrastructure among multiple virtual networks or slices. 5G architectural research till date has largely focused on the necessary systems support to enable 5G network slicing through platforms and frameworks for virtualisation and network softwarisation (via SDN and NFV). The broad goal of this project is on the natural next step of understanding and ensuring service quality, key to truly realising the vision of 5G as a multi-service networking technology and become a vital part of the communications infrastructure of the future underpinning multiple different vertical industries (e.g., connected vehicles and fleet management in automobile; process monitoring and control in manufacturing).