Information on the environment component of RE2021.

The information on the environment component of REF2021 is taken from the documents Draft guidance on submissions (2018/01) (GoS) and Consultation on the panel criteria and working methods (2018/02) (PCWM) published by the REF team in July 2018. The documents are currently under consultation and details are subject to change. 

Draft guidance on submissions (2018/01) from the REF2021 website

Consultation on the panel criteria and working methods (2018/02) from the REF2021 website

Environment in REF2021

  Description Reference
Weighting 15% of outcome awarded to submission GoS 33.c
Assessed on  Vitality and sustainability. GoS 33.c
Data required
  • Number of research doctoral degrees awarded to students supervised by submitting unit during assessment period (REF4a).
  • Data on external research income (REF4b).
  • Data on the estimated value of Research Council facility time allocated to unit through peer-review ('research income-in-kind', REF4c).
GoS 331, 338 and 345
Statements required
  • Institution level statement on context and mission; strategy; people; income, infrastructure and facilities (REF5a).
  • Unit (~School) level statement on unit context, research and impact strategy; people; income, infrastructure and facilities; Collaboration and contribution to the research base, economy and society (REF5b).
GoS 351 and 358
Period covered Academic year (1 August - 31 July) 2013-2014 to 2019-2020. GoS 305, 338 and 347

Detailed assessment criteria for environment data

  Description Reference
Vitality Vitality will be understood as the extent to which a unit supports a thriving and inclusive research culture for all staff and research students, that is based on a clearly articulated strategy for research and enabling its impact, is engaged with the national and international research and user communities and is able to attract excellent postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. PCWM 318
Sustainability Sustainability will be understood as the extent to which the research environment ensures the future health, diversity, well-being and wider contribution of the unit and the discipline(s), including investment in people and in infrastructure. PCWM 319