REF Open Access Policy

REF Open Access Policy and FAQs.

Open Access

In order to be eligible for submission to REF2020, any journal or conference papers accepted for publication after 1st April 2016 must:

  1. be deposited in an institutional repository within 3 months of the date of acceptance;
  2. be made open access within a month of the end of any publisher embargo, or within a month of deposit if no embargo applies.

In addition, the initial deposit must include the final accepted, peer-reviewed text - though this may be replaced by the publisher's version at a later date.

Within Informatics, the preferred option is for papers to be made available via PURE and the Edinburgh Research Explorer.  Staff can input papers into PURE themselves, or submit a local webform.

Full details of the policy can be found on the HEFCE webpage

Full details of the local implementation can be found on the School Publications Policy page.

Please see our REF FAQs for more information.