Researchfish for staff

Information on Researchfish submissions for staff.

Submission period

The 2019 Research Outcome Data Collection submission will run from 4 February 2019 to 14 March 2019.

The system is open year round and information can be added at any point.

Sanctions for staff

UKRI will apply personal sanctions for failure to submit.  Sanctions will mean that:

  • PI may be unable to apply (either as a PI or Co-I) for further awards from any UKRI Council.
  • Payments for current awards may be withheld.

Help with submitting

Researchfish guidance

Researchfish provide guidance in both video format and as written guides. 

Researchfish help videos

Researchfish written guide

Local guidance

The Researchfish submission is supported locally by the Informatics RDM team. If you are expected to make a submission this year, you will receive a Researchfish invitation from your funder. Further to this, you will receive communications from the RDM team, outlining the support available to you. The latter is likely to be sent in early February 2019. 

The RDM team can help with:

Sending a new invitation

Should you have lost your invitation to Researchfish, please let Victoria Lindström know on Alternatively, you may request a new invitation yourself from Researchfish.

Requesting a new invitation from Researchfish
Adding outcomes to a grant

To receive help with adding outcomes to your grants, please make Victoria Lindström ( a delegate on your grant and provide a list of relevant outcomes.

Instructions for adding a delegate to a grant are available from the Researchfish guidance pages.

Note: The final submission can only be made by the grant holder, and NOT a delegate.

How to add a delegate from the Researchfish guidance pages
Advising if your submission was completed

Should you wish to confirm that your submission was successfully made, you are welcome to email Victoria Lindström ( to confirm. 

Full instructions on how to complete the submission process are available from the Researchfish guidance pages. 

How to submit an award from the Researchfish guidance pages

If you have any further questions about what you need to submit, or how to submit, please contact Victoria Lindström in the Informatics RDM team on