Research support

Outlining the support available to researchers when preparing a research proposal.

Portfolio managers (PMs)

Involve your institute in your research proposal as soon as possible.  Even before you are ready to start an electronic application with full financial details, it is a good idea to let your PM know the programme that you hope to submit to and any deadlines.  Once an electronic application is underway, be sure to give your PM access; he/she will be able to supply costing and enter those details into the form on your behalf.

Portfolio Management

The Research Support Office (RSO)

RSO can give advice on funders and programmes.  Their website also contains some examples of successful research funding application.  They offer occasional events focusing on particular programmes and funders. 

Research Support Office

Events offered by the RSO

Academic staff

Director of Institute 

Your Director of Institute is available to support your research and offer advice.

Your peers

When preparing a proposal it is a good idea to discuss it with colleagues to help refine your ideas.  For many funding schemes your proposal will be read and evaluated by non-specialists so it is good idea to get feedback from colleagues in other institutes to ensure that your work is understandable outside your immediate area of expertise.

Director of Research (DoR)

Standard grant applications (e.g. EPSRC responsive mode) do not need input from the DoR, and should continue to be handled in the usual way via your portfolio manager and peers in your Institute. Two areas that should be discussed with the DoR are (i) major fellowship applications (e.g. EPSRC, ERC, Royal Society URF, RAEng), and (ii) major grants, e.g. EPSRC Programme Grants. The DoR has an office hour every Monday 12.45 – 13.45 in his office, IF 2.52 (except when unavailable, this will be announced in advance).

Post-award support

Once your research has been funded your immediate support will come from the portfolio manager in your institute, but your Director of Institute will also be available to offer any advice or help needed.

Research events

To help researchers prepare for applications we run a regular programme of workshops on relevant topics.

Details of the support offered by the Research Support Office are detailed in the slides below.

Information about potential funding

Information about potential funding is available via the University’s subscription to Research Professional. A quick start guide and fuller user guide offer help on how to use Research Professional, and can be found below.