DTC Careers & Alumni Day

Please see below the final schedule for this Event noting that we have confirmed that we will have four Alumni speakers, preceded by an ice-breaker "Virtual Poster Presentation" and then an introductory talk on the Career choices of PhD studenta led by Prof Robert Fisher. You will be advised of the time-slot for your Break-Out Group and be divided up randomly into groups for the Virtual Poster Presentations when you register in the morning.

If you have any further questions regarding this event please feel free to email the DTC Administrative Assistant at neuroinf@ed.ac.uk.

Jan 29 2016 -

DTC Careers & Alumni Day

Having had 24 Alumni and 19 students confirming their attendance at this event, we're hoping that through talks and a number of breakout groups our current students can prepare for their future, and Alumni looking for a career change can discover the possibilities available to them whether it be in the field of academia, industry or otherwise. It's also a great opportunity to meet old friends!

Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street