MSc by Research

DTC First Year Information

In Year 1 of the programme, you will be registered for the degree of MSc by Research (MRes) in Neuroinformatics. All students are expected to fulfil the degree programme requirements by the end of their first year, normally only being eligible for progression to the PhD after successful completion of the MRes. You are asked to complete course registration before the end of week 1; a more detailed summary of the course constraints and registration rules is available online. The formal components of the first year programme are supplemented with local journal club, tutorial and seminar events.

Board of Examiners

The MRes is administered by the School's MSc Board of Examiners. Progression to the Neuroinformatics PhD is contingent on successful completion of the MRes programme, along with approval of a PhD proposal as described in the DTC PhD Information.  Full information on MSc performance will be made available immediately after the Board of Examiners meeting. More detailed information on the governance and examination processes is available externally.

Note that some aspects of the MSc by Research degree differ from the general MSc procedures outlined in the MSc course guide, as detailed in the MSc by Research Course Requirements link above.  In particular, most aspects of how summer projects are chosen and approved are different from the standard MSc -- MRes in Neuroinformatics students do not take IRP or IRR, do not bid for pre-defined projects, and always continue to the summer projects without any criterion placed on performance in the coursework or exams.  There is also no Diploma option available to MRes students.  Once projects are allocated and begun, however, the standard MSc procedures apply.  The standard MSc regulations apply to the individual taught courses at all times.

Seeking a PhD Supervisor

MSc by Research DTC students should be looking for potential PhD supervisors throughout their MSc year.  As soon as you identify someone that looks like a good match, you should meet with them and find out what they are currently hoping to work on.  By the time you start preparing your formal PhD proposal in September, you would ideally have already worked out the basic idea for your proposed project, and will be ready to narrow it down into a concrete and feasible proposal. 

It's a good idea to read ahead for the PhD Proposal Guidelines so that you will be prepared when the time comes.

School Information

A range of School resources are accessible online, giving DTC first year students access to established teaching materials and facilities available elsewhere in Informatics.