MScR Requirements & Registration

First Year Information and Formalities

The first year of the DTC programme is governed by the Degree Programme Table. These pages  guides students through the range of possible course choices, helping ensure that you graduate with a set of courses that are relevant to your chosen research field. Staff in the Informatics Teaching Organisation assist with your course registration checking that your choices fit with the Degree Programme Table and are registered onto your student record as quickly as possible. The following external links provide additional information:


Core Courses

In summary, the following core courses are required as part of the first year:

  1. Principles of Neuroscience [40 points, months 1-4]

2.  Neuroinformatics Research [20 points, months 5-8]


3.  MSc Research Thesis (Neuroinformatics) [80 points, months 9-12]


Course Options

The core courses are supplemented by 40pts worth of taught courses, subject to availability. Common optional choices include:

Alternative Options

The School's sortable course list gives a full list of the courses delivered. Students wishing to select from this wider list should discuss their intentions with their Director of Studies prior to registration.