An introduction and overview of the Neuroinformatics DTC.

Neuroinformatics Doctoral Training Centre

Our Doctoral Training Centre funded by EPSRC, BBSRC and MRC provides the opportunity for students with backgrounds in the physical, mathematical, engineering and computer sciences to undertake training in neuroscience, cognitive science and neuroinformatics followed by a programme of original research, qualifying for a PhD degree at the end of four years. 

These internal web pages are intended to provide current DTC students with information about the DTC programme. The DTC programme is supported by a range of staff, guided by the DTC Management Committee.

You can find information related to DTC research areas, supervisors, students, projects and publications on the DTC's external website: http://www.anc.ed.ac.uk/dtc


MSc by Research

First year students follow the MSc by Research programme in Neuroinformatics. Specific course and programme information is available at:

PhD in Neuroinformatics

Upon completion of the MSc by Research, students are given a short period of time to formulate their PhD research proposal.  Once the proposal is approved by the DTC Executive, students enter the PhD in Neuroinformatics programme:

Resources & Guidelines

The formal components of the DTC programme are supplemented with local journal clubs, tutorials and seminar events. The following links provide details of these events as well as additional useful information.


School Information

The DTC programme exists within the School of Informatics, providing DTC students with access to a range of facilities and services.  The following School pages may also be of use:


Desks and Facilities Links to information about the School's teaching and research facilities.
General Information General information, useful for all students [MRes and PhD].
Student Representation Information about EUSA and the School's student rep structures.
Tutoring Vacancies

Teaching opportunities available throughout the School.