Expenses, Budgets & Additional Student Costs

Finance information for DTC Students.

Allowable Costs

As a grant-funded Doctoral Training Centre, we are limited by the guidelines of our funding bodies (EPSRC, BBSRC and MRC).  Below is a list of the allowable costs which can be reimbursed by the grant.

To be reimbursed, you MUST email neuroinf@ed.ac.uk with details of the purchase or travel request, PRIOR to making any purchase or payment commitments.  

Do not go ahead with the purchase until you've received approval, even for items that have been pre-approved in your PhD Proposal budgets. Failure to do so may result in the payment or reimbursement not being covered by the DTC.

We can normally reimburse:

  • Travel to present your work (see Conference Travel for important restrictions and requirements) including poster printing if presenting a poster at the conference (see Poster Printing for information related to printing procedures). Note that PhD students are expected to present their work when attending conferences, and approval will only be given in well-justified special cases for conference trips with no presentations. 
  • Research visits associated with a project, such as visits to second supervisors
  • Equipment and research costs (costs associated with your budget within your PhD proposal)
  • Specific items of computing equipment (except personal laptops or desktops, or usage of DTC servers and the ECDF cluster; as always, approval for any equipment must be sought PRIOR to purchase)
  • Publications of your DTC-supported work, both during and after your PhD
  • Catering costs for Journal Clubs.  Budgets for Journal Clubs should be discussed and approved before any catering is purchased.  Note that for the DTC Write Up Club, those students beginning the process of their final year write-up would be eligible with the understanding that they would meet fortnightly and that a maximum claim of £6 per person can be claimed. Please note that when submitting an expense claim you would need to provide a list of those attending the lunch.   

Claiming for Non-Travel Expenses

  • Only original, itemised receipts will be accepted for payment, as required by the University's Finance policy. For example, we cannot reimburse you using only a credit card receipt showing the total amount paid.
  • If claiming for reimbursement of expenses for items listed above, please complete the UoE Claim for Expenses Form and submit it to IGS as soon as possible after the expense is incurred. Once you have submitted your claim, it will be processed by IGS and approved by the DTC Centre Manager for payment through eExpenses.  NOTE: Students should not enter information into eExpenses themselves, as specific codes related to the DTC are required in order for approval to be granted (which IGS will ensure are entered correctly). 
  • All claims should be submitted in Pounds Sterling, along with a printout of the exchange rate you have used (for foreign-currency transactions).  Please either look up the exchange rate for the date of the transaction using OANDA or XE.com, printing off the rate you used from their website or by providing a copy of your bank statement with your name on it, showing the exchange rate, with account details and other transactions not pertinent to the claim blacked out.
  • If a request for materials, lab supplies, etc. is not received before the purchase is made, along with a justification as to why this is important for your project and how it fits in with your budget (or, if it is in addition to your previous budget, with an explanation of why this additional expense is necessary) we cannot guarantee that you or the lab you are working with will be reimbursed for the cost.  The student is responsible for payment of all costs incurred unless prior approval has been obtained from the DTC.
  • In some cases, Petty Cash may be available to reimburse expenses less than £15
  • See the Conference Travel page for policies for reimbursement of conference and other travel expenses.

If your questions can't be answered by the information held here or on Frequently Asked Questions then please feel free to visit IGS or use the Internal Enquiries form.


Additional Costs Not Payable

Please note the DTC is unable to pay for matriculation or continuation fees charged by the University after the 1+3 years of the programme. If you go beyond the 3 years of your PhD, you will receive (and will be required to personally pay) the fees for each semester in which you are registered beyond the end date of your programme.

Additional costs and fees which students should be prepared to pay from their stipends include:

-- Thesis binding costs

-- Matriculation Fees, Continuation Fees and Other Fees - for students who do not submit a thesis within the maximum period of study (as above)