Transferable Skills Training

Information on Transferable Skills Training.

All DTC Students are encouraged to attend the Transferable Skills training sessions hosted by the University's Institute for Academic Development (IAD).

Details regarding the available courses best suited to Informatics students and information related to signing up for courses is available on the Graduate School web page here:

Recommended Training Sessions for PGR Students

Please note, the "How to Write an Informatics PhD Proposal" refers to the first-year review document which all DTC students must complete and should not be confused with the DTC Proposal required after the MSc year.


A full list of IAD Courses can be found on the A-Z Course List


The "Introduction to  Research Funding" course is recommended for 2nd or 3rd year DTC students in preperation for writing fellowship applications or to be involved in research grant proposals for your postdoctoral work.