Transferable Skills Training

Information on PPar Transferable Skills Training.

The University's Institute for Academic Development (IAD) hosts multiple Transferable Skills training sessions, designed to help postgraduate students acquire and develop skills transferable to research and future employment. 


Compulsory Courses for CDT PPar Students

CDT in Pervasive Parallelism students are *required* to take the following IAD courses in the years specified below. Please book a place for yourself on these courses as soon as possible after bookings open, via the links below. Places are limited, so it is important to book well in advance. Bookings normally open around one month prior to the course date, but sometimes earlier. If you are not able to book a place, please email ppar-cdt @  Attendance will be monitored to ensure that all students attend.


MSc by Research Year: 

Finding Academic Literature - Science and Engineering (Friday, 14th October 2016 or Tuesday, 07 February 2017) is recommended for students who do not already have strong skills in this area, but is not compulsory. 

First Year PhD:
Second Year PhD:
Third Year PhD:


Strongly Recommended Courses for CDT PPar Students:

While not compulsory, the courses below are strongly recommended for CDT PPar students in any year. Please let the CDT Administrator know if you attend these or any additional Transferable Skills courses.

Teaching Support Work

The two courses below are recommended for students who are currently, or would like to be, involved with teaching support work. They are scheduled for the exact same time, so you should choose one or the other based on which form of tutorials you teach or plan to teach (as explained in the descriptions).

Courses by Interest

Students are encouraged to take further courses according to career aspirations and research development needs.