Expenses, Budgets & Additional Student Costs

CDT PPar Expenses, Budgets & Additional Student Costs


Each PPar CDT student has a budget of £6400 (or for students in the first cohort only, £7200) to be spent on allowable travel, equipment and related expenses.

You should manage this budget carefully, in collaboration with your supervision team. In particular, be aware that trips to international conferences, often necessary to publish and present your work, can easily account for between £1000 and £2000 each, and that there will probably be no other funds available to you for this purpose, so think ahead. It is wise to set aside at least half of your budget for such future paper presentation costs.

It is essential that you follow the procedures and rules below.

Allowable Costs

As we are a grant-funded Centre for Doctoral Training, the programme costs must comply with the the guidelines of our funding body, EPSRC.  Below is a list of the allowable costs which can be reimbursed by the grant, and counted against your budget. To be reimbursed, you must seek approval PRIOR to making any purchase or payment commitments.  To request funding for travel and/or conference registration, use the travel request form linked to below under CDT PPar Conference Travel. For other expenses, provide full details of items, costs and purpose by email to ppar-cdt @ inf.ed.ac.uk, with a copy to your supervisor,  and include confirmation that your supervisor approves of the purchase.  

Do not go ahead with the purchase or booking until you've received approval. Failure to do so may result in the payment or reimbursement not being covered by the CDT.

We can normally reimburse:

  • Conference registration and travel, including travel insurance, (see CDT PPar Conference Travel for important restrictions and requirements). We can also reimburse poster printing if presenting a poster at the conference (see Poster Printing for information related to printing procedures). Spending on research-related travel to events at which you are not presenting your work is allowed, but think very carefully about whether you should be saving your budget to support travel to present your own papers in due course. In particular, after the 1st year of your PhD phase, it is expected that presentations will be given at conferences attended: approval for attendance without presentation at this stage will be rare, and will require specific justification from the supervisor.
  • Specific items of equipment to support your research. Significant items of computing equipment must be purchased via the Computing Support team (and in any case, only after approval).
  • Publication costs of your CDT-supported work.
  • Printing costs.


Claiming for Non-Travel Expenses

  • You must first seek approval for your purchase as described above. If a request for materials is not received before the purchase is made, along with a justification as to why this is important for your project and how it fits in with your budget, we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed for the cost. The student is responsible for payment of all costs incurred unless prior approval has been obtained from the CDT PPar.
  • Computing equipment must be purchased by Computing Support via the CDT Administrator, after it is approved by Murray Cole. Please do not purchase your own computing equipment or ask Computing Support to do so.
  • If claiming for reimbursement of publication or printing costs, please complete the UoE Claim for Expenses Form and submit it to the CDT PPar Administrator in the Informatics Forum, room 2.44 as soon as possible after the expense is incurred. Once you have submitted your claim, the information will be entered into the eExpenses database by the CDT PPar Administrator and approved by the CDT Manager. Students should not enter information into eExpenses themselves, as specific codes related to the CDT are required in order for approval to be granted; the CDT PPar Administrator will enter these as proxy for CDT PPar students).
  • Only original, itemised receipts will be accepted for payment, as required by the University's Finance policy. For example, we cannot reimburse you using only a credit card receipt showing the total amount paid. Receipts are required in order to be reimbursed for any amount, even under £5. Please see the Poster Printing page for an explanation of how to provide proof of printing costs. 
  • In some cases, Petty Cash may be available to reimburse expenses which are less than £10 (e.g. poster printing).

Please contact the CDT PPar Administrator at  ppar-cdt@inf.ed.ac.uk if you have any queries related to reimbursement of expenses.


Additional Costs Not Payable

Please note that the CDT is unable to pay for matriculation or continuation fees charged by the University after the 1+3 years of the programmes. If you go beyond the 3 years of your PhD, you will receive (and will be required to personally pay) the fees for each semester in which you are registered beyond the end date of your programme.

Additional costs and fees which students should be prepared to pay from their stipends include: